Different Ways To Sell Popcorn:

Show and Sell ? a booth type saleScouts sell popcorn they have at various locations,asking people to ??support them in their Scouting program.? See separate tab for details and suggestions. Sale goes from August 30th through October 4th.

Take Order ? a door-to-door type saleScouts sell door-to-door with their order form. All products including those containing chocolate can be ordered. Visit neighbors, ask relatives, have mom and dad take an order form to work. Sale goes from August 30th through October 4th with product delivery starting on November 8th.

Show and Deliver ? a door-to-door type saleSelling door-to-door with product in-hand allows Scouts to make the sale, deliver the product, and collect the money all in one visit. Show and Deliver occurs at the same time as Take Order selling ? August 30th through October 4th.

Show and Deliver Information

Online SalesOnline sales allow your Scouts to reach beyond their neighborhoods and sell across the country. Customers order online and CAMPMASTERS ships the popcorn directly to them. You do not have to handle any popcorn or money yourself. Online sales count toward prizes and commissions.

Online accounts are created at the Pack/Troop/Crew/Post level. The username and password is given to each Scout by their Popcorn Kernel. Click on the link below to access. Select ?Cimarron Council? and enter your user name and password. August 1st ? October 4th.

CAMPMASTERS? Online Sales Access Page

2018 Sell Online Update

Single Seller

If your pack, troop or crew does not sell popcorn; you still can. You can earn between 30% to 40% commission and still qualify for prizes! Register using the form below and participate in any of the above sale types.

Popcorn Patrol 2018


Scout Rewards and Prize Forms

All Scout sales between August 30th through October 4th count ? Show and Sell, Take Order, Show and Deliver and Online.

New for 2018

Pack / Troop / Crew / Post Rewards and Incentives


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Show and Sell

Show and Sell ? Order on Consignment

Get permission to sell near a store or other heavily trafficked area. You order full cases of popcorn, pick up your order on August 30th. (The 100% payment on your order isn?t due until October 4th.) You provide a table, chairs, signs and cash for change. You are encouraged to use a PayAnyWhere Remote Credit Card Reader.

Each Scout can count a portion of your sales toward their prizes. All sales count toward your commission.

Any leftover popcorn can be used to fill your Take Order Sale needs.

Note: Chocolate Popcorn is not available for Show and Sell.

Popcorn Returns ? Procedure and Schedule: All unused popcorn from Show and Sell MUST BE RETURNED TO THE SCHEFFE SCOUT OFFICE NO LATER THAN 3:30 PM ON 10/04/2019 Procedure and timeline for returns