The Cimarron Council is proud of its many volunteers that give countless hours of labor and dedication to making the Cimarron Council one of the premier Scouting Councils in America. Each year, we celebrate the dedication of these volunteers with various council, area and local awards and inscribe their names on this honor roll.

Silver Beaver Honor Roll

The Boy Scouts of America, acting through the National Court of Honor, may award the Silver Beaver Award for distinguished service to youth. This award may be made each year upon nomination of the local council. The award is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered adult Scouters.

Nominate a deserving Scouter for the Silver Beaver.

2017 - Wendy Henninger, Anthony "Tony" Johnson
2016 - David Tydings, Sonya Johnson
2015 - Larry P. Bennett, Greg Boggs, Barbara McCray
2014 - Lowry Blakeburn, Stephen Brown
2013 - James Couch, Amber Findahl, Russell McClain
2012 - David Starks, Brad Waken
2011 - Charlotte Culver, Jeremy Zweiacker
2010 - Joe Greenlee, Edith Hunt, Ron Kuehn
2009 - Mark Clark, Neal Lawrence, James Parham
2008 - Anna Hawks, Rick Little, JB Mingus
2007 - Jack Dillwith, Tony Maschino, Odessa McLemore, Rona Stewart
2006 - Sen. Patrick Anderson,  Susan Duck, Tommy Gripe, David Sauls
2005 - Bill H. Anderson, Laura Dawn Huff, B. Dale Huse, Brian D. Stone
2004 - John Bowers, III, Lyle Eastman, Bryant J. Hardy, Gordon C. "Bud" Smith, Jr.
2003 - No Silver Beavers Awarded
2002 - Robert V Miller, Thomas E. Miller
2001 - Ronald Howe, Charles Rogers, Al Summerfield, Keith Waken
2000 - Rose Ann Cockriel, Michael Collins, G. E. "Woody" Hendrick,  J. C. Mitchell, Donald Rose
1999 - Ronald I Mongold, Jeanie Findahl, Tom Newby, Steven Leonard, Ray Woods, Nancy Rogers, Dorothy Leonard, Scott Martin
1998 - Michael David Earl, Tom Wright, Leland E. Moser, Jack James,  Dr. James G. Young, Nick Anderson, Lee Smith
1997 - David Hamen, Pam Palmer, Thomas L. "Chip" Outheir, Bill Belknap, Thomas Wolff, Rocky Rockhold, Tom Quillin
1996 - Linda Conrad, Phil Boyd, Donald Gene Goforth, Larry Clynch, Scott Arthur Ware, John Franz, Bill Schula
1995 - Stephen Miller, Joan Mitchell, Kim Pendergraft, Glenda Hisey, David Trojan, Lawrence Gibbs, Bill Cooper
1994 - Debbie Becker, Ken Case, Rod Minor, Ray Matoy, Dennis Schoenhals, Nick Wolf
1993 - Paula Conrady, Pam Oster, Don Foster, Connie McKenzie,  Bruce Fuksa, Paula Miller, Larry Miller
1992 - Tom McVey, Ken Schuermann, Terry Simpson, Lynn Case, Fred Voss, Bill Miller
1991 - Rose Anne Hamen, Neil Simpson, James A. Robbins, Romelle Seever, Gerald F. Weinand, Bob Hanks
1990 - Don Chance. Elaine Blair, Rosalie North, Bill Palmer, Jerry Rose, Fred Spellman
1989 - Jarvis Craig, Bob Blair, Walter Scheffe, Marlyn Grove, Bob Wilson, Don Fisher
1988 - Mike Blades, Barbara Cuttler, Ken Musick, Wendell Bookout, James Walling, Anita Lake
1987 - Mary Lee Blades, James A. Smith, Richard Patocka, Joe B. Hoyle, Carol Young, William "Stan" Bivin
1986 - Robert Kraft, Louis Wolf, Chuck Sample, Sandy Sutherland, Daisy Young, Art Deken
1985 - Frank Alvarez, Baker Bokerney, Don Degand, Bob Simpson, Cecil Reinhart, Bill Davis
1984 - Ed Hermanski. Gene Atkins, Jr, E. J. Thurman, Gene Cockriel, Rev. Charles Watson
1983 - Norman Britt, Raleigh Jones, Joe Morriss, Marjorie Peden, James A. Wilkinson, Leslie Drummond
1982 - Gene Baker, Ruby Bartunek, John R Keith, Francis Hyde, Bud Loomis, Jack Ramsdell, Jerry Sutherland,
1981 - Tom Mead, Margaret Hesser, Richard L McKnight, George Mahoney, R.W. Weaver
1980 - William Josiah Gooden, J.R. Drummond, James H Gungoll, Pat Drummond, Earl Haggard, Robert Kamm, Don White
1979 - Dale Baade, Jere Ivy, Jr, Dr. Joe Jarman, Jim Parr, Bruce Melton , William Pollard, Robert Splinks

Those earning the Silver Beaver Award in the Cimarron Council prior to 2000 received it from either the Great Salt Plains (GSP) Council or the Will Rogers Council (WR).

Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is presented to a Eagle Scout who has demonstrated distinguished service in his profession and to his community for a period of at least twenty-five years after attaining the level of Eagle Scout. Significant accomplishment in one's career and a solid record of continued community volunteer involvement are also considered.

Nominate a deserving Scouter for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

1986 - Dr Ken Case

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level. Unlike the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, which is a national award, the NOESA recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact closer to home.

Nominate a deserving Scouter for the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award.

2016 - Brad Waken, Jeremy Zweiacker
2015 - Carl Driskill, Bobby Schultz
2012 - George Hedrick


District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is awarded to a volunteer for service to youth in their service area. It is a council award presented by a service area in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by the local council. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature within their service area. The award is made available annually on the basis of 1 for each 25 traditional units or fraction thereof.

Nominate a deserving Scout for the District Award of Merit.

2017 - Toy Bridgman, Kevin Gragg
2016 - Whitney McAllister, Scott Morris, Craig Woods
2015 - Tim Banker, Vince Giannotti, Drew Hartling
2014 - Candice Bond, Lisa Eisele, Trina King, Chad Phillips
2013 - Jay Bowers, Wendy Henniger, Zac Lander, Greg Waggoner
2012 - Michelle Davis, Roger Findahl III, Warren Lewis, Vernon Logsdon
2011 - Larry Bennett, Amber Findahl, William “Bill” Godding, Barbara McCray, Jamie Murray
2010 - Duane Culver, Tony Johnson, Donna Miears, Bobbie Pritchett, Preston Skinner
2009 - Steve C. Brown, Jeremy L. Zweiacker, David Tydings, Mark Clark, David Starks
2008 - Celeste Carpenter, Jeff Southwick, Michelle Lindberg, Sonya Johnson, JB Mingus
2007 - Jan Dunlay, Ray Smith, Terry Washburn, Lester Vaughan
2006 - Melanie Bayles, Anna Hawks, David Dunbar,  Charlotte Culver
2005 - Bill Anderson, James Couch
2004 - Jack Dillwith, Don Savage
2003 - Patty Combs, Ron Kuehn
2002 - Eric Savage
2001 - Susan Duck, Mark Nordquist
2000 - David Hollar, Richard Mulford
1999 - Doug Bergman
1998 - Lyle Eastman, Bob Miller
1997 - Charles Rogers,  Jim Sleezer
1996 - George Hedrick, Robert Oehrtman
1995 - Jerre Callahan, John Phillips
1994 - John Bush, Richard Runowski
1993 - Bill Belknap, Chuck Hibbard
1992 - Nancy Gee, George Mahoney
1991 - Kirk Mittlestat, Bill Warde
1990 - Lawrence Gibbs, Lynn Case
1989 - Rosanne Cockriel
1988 - James A. Smith, Alan Whitsell
1987 - Bob Blair, Elaine Blair

LE Tinker Award

The L.E. Tinker Award is a special award, unique to the Stillwater Service Area of the Cimarron Council and is presented annually at the banquet. The award is available to any Scouter who renders service of an outstanding nature at the Unit level. The purpose of the award is to recognize those individuals that faithfully serve their Unit and who are not in the top leadership. The award is designed to give recognition to the "behind the scene" Unit level Scouter. The award is named in honor of L.E. Tinker, a long-time Scoutmaster of Troop 820 in Stillwater in recognition of his devotion to youth.

Nominate a deserving Scouter for the LE Tinker award.

2017 - Nicole Zoellner
2016 - Ryan Tyrl, Jim Zoellner
2015 - Dr. Brian Carter, Dr. Greg Wilber
2014 - Brett Enmeier, Pam Ware
2013 - Ruth Engle, Joe Moore
2012 - Karrie Bales, John Smith, Mike Smith
2011 - Teri Sahs, Steve Trompler
2010 - Lisa Croston, Greg Miller, Craig Schupp
2009 - Jason Milligan, Eldon Myers, Steve Porter
2008 - Scott Mitchell, Dawn Storm, Mike Tiner
2007 - Sabra Smith, Bryan West
2006 - David Austin, Earl Johnson, Shannon Shefford
2005 - Bill Anderson, Casey Shell
2004 - Jack Carpenter, Dave Duncan, Bill Ryan, Ken Williams
2003 - Jim Alred, David Cockrell, Harry Field
2002 - William Duck, Jimmy Morris
2001 - Melanie Armstrong, Cecil Strande
2000 - Mike Butterfield, Jimmy Morris, Mark Nordquist
1999 - Tom Dearinger, John Washam
1998 - Robert Miller, John R Stephens
1997 - Jerry Hurst, Robert M. Miller
1996 - Bill Bryans, Rosanne Cockriel
1995 - Don Allen, Jeanne Williams
1994 - Cindy Fournier, Zane Quible
1993 - Peter Moretti, Don Wollenburg
1992 - Kristi Clapp, Chuck Prater
1991 - John Bush, James Moore
1990 - J. Scott Martin, Randall Schultz
1989 - Ray Clark, Arian Houghton
1988 - Ken Case, Richard Runowski
1987 - Karl E Green, Harold Holly