L.E. Tinker Award

The L.E. Tinker Award is a special award, unique to the Stillwater Service Area of the Cimarron Council and is presented annually at the banquet. The award is available to any Scouter who renders service of an outstanding nature at the Unit level. The purpose of the award is to recognize those individuals that faithfully serve their Unit and who are not in the top leadership. The award is designed to give recognition to the "behind the scene" Unit level Scouter. The award is named in honor of L.E. Tinker, a long-time Scoutmaster of Troop 820 in Stillwater in recognition of his devotion to youth.

Nominate a deserving Scouter for the LE Tinker award

2018 - Darla McBride
2017 - Nicole Zoellner
2016 - Ryan Tyrl, Jim Zoellner
2015 - Dr. Brian Carter, Dr. Greg Wilber
2014 - Brett Enmeier, Pam Ware
2013 - Ruth Engle, Joe Moore
2012 - Karrie Bales, John Smith, Mike Smith
2011 - Teri Sahs, Steve Trompler
2010 - Lisa Croston, Greg Miller, Craig Schupp
2009 - Jason Milligan, Eldon Myers, Steve Porter
2008 - Scott Mitchell, Dawn Storm, Mike Tiner
2007 - Sabra Smith, Bryan West
2006 - David Austin, Earl Johnson, Shannon Shefford
2005 - Bill Anderson, Casey Shell
2004 - Jack Carpenter, Dave Duncan, Bill Ryan, Ken Williams
2003 - Jim Alred, David Cockrell, Harry Field
2002 - William Duck, Jimmy Morris
2001 - Melanie Armstrong, Cecil Strande
2000 - Mike Butterfield, Jimmy Morris, Mark Nordquist
1999 - Tom Dearinger, John Washam
1998 - Robert Miller, John R Stephens
1997 - Jerry Hurst, Robert M. Miller
1996 - Bill Bryans, Rosanne Cockriel
1995 - Don Allen, Jeanne Williams
1994 - Cindy Fournier, Zane Quible
1993 - Peter Moretti, Don Wollenburg
1992 - Kristi Clapp, Chuck Prater
1991 - John Bush, James Moore
1990 - J. Scott Martin, Randall Schultz
1989 - Ray Clark, Arian Houghton
1988 - Ken Case, Richard Runowski
1987 - Karl E Green, Harold Holly