Sundance Scout Camp

Sundance is used for Cub Scout overnight events, Fishing Derby, Program Kickoff, weekend Camping for troops, and for Adult Leader Training.

The camp is mostly developed for a farm operation with no developed campsites although there are some picnic tables out in the fields by the lakes. The lake here has two houses on it, (yes we really mean on top of the lake). One is a three story A-frame house that has 3 bedrooms. The other is set up as a office facility. There is a program barn for training and above that is a big room for conferences, banquets, or other ceremonies. The camp has an airport hanger and runway as well.

Driving Directions

Sundance Scout Camp is located 14 miles south of Enid, Oklahoma near the town of Bison on US 81.  The road to turn east on is well marked by OK D.O.T. Highway signs.