Scout Rewards and Prize Forms

All Scout sales between August 28th through October 7th count Show and Sell,
Take Order, Show and Deliver and Online.

2020 Scout Incentives: a listing of everything that is available

2020 Prizes From Family Sales Guide: Regular prize program. Flyer in Scouts order form. Order through your Popcorn Kernel.

2020 $750 Club Form: Additional prizes for selling $750 worth of popcorn. Submit form or register online.
2019 Camp Masters High Achiever Form: Additional prize from CAMPMASTERS for those that sell $3,000 or more. Submit form to your popcorn kernel (who will verify and submit it to council)

New for 2020

2020 BINGO! Contest: For every blacked out BINGO card, Scouts can enter one of our four weekly drawings. Each weekly drawing will have 4 winners. Each winner will receive a $25.00 Gift Card. All non-winning weekly entries will be carried over to the next weekly drawing. On October 2, all 16 weekly winners will be put into a drawing for a Grand Prize drawing for $100!

2020 Military Patch Prize: For a single military donation from one customer in support of Popcorn for the Troops, Scouts can earn this Official Military Patch. Sorry, only one patch per Scout.

2020 BINGO! Scouts that fill a line on their BINGO card will earn a special BINGO patch.
Scout with the Highest Per Scout Average will earn a special trophy.

Pack / Troop / Crew / Post Rewards and Incentives

2020 Commission Levels: Commission starts at 15% of your totals sales and can go to 35%.