Scout Rewards and Prize Forms

All Scout sales between September 9th through November 11th count Show and Sell,
Take Order, Show and Deliver and Online.

2022 Scout Incentives: a listing of everything that is available

2022 Prizes From Family Sales Guide: Regular prize program. Flyer in Scouts order form. Order through your Popcorn Kernel.

2022 $750 Club Form: Additional prizes for selling $750 worth of popcorn. Submit form or register online.
2019 Camp Masters High Achiever Form: Additional prize from CAMPMASTERS for those that sell $3,000 or more. Submit form to your popcorn kernel (who will verify and submit it to council)

Pack / Troop / Crew / Post Rewards and Incentives

2022 Commission Levels: Commission starts at 15% of your totals sales and can go to 35%.