Show & Sell

Order on Consignment

Due to the large amount of Show & Sell returns in 2019, the Popcorn Committee has revised the Show & Sell order policy.

For 2020, we WILL NOT be taking back leftover Show & Sell product.

Units will be responsible for all Show & Sell product. If you wish to place a high initial Show & Sell order, please contact the popcorn team at popcorn(a) with your sales plan.

Remember, we keep extra inventory at the Council office in Enid. If you are running low on a particular product(s) let us know as soon as possible and we can make it available for you to pick up.

Get permission to sell near a store or other heavily trafficked area.

You order full cases of popcorn, pick up your order on August 28th. (The 100% payment on your order is not due until October 2th.)

You provide signs and cash for change. You are encouraged to use a PayAnywhere Card Reader for Credit Card Sells.

Each Scout can count a portion of your sales toward their prizes. All sales count toward your commission.

Any leftover popcorn can be used to fill your Take Order Sale needs.

Note: Chocolate Popcorn is not available for Show & Sell.
2020 Show & Sell General Information
2020 Show & Sell Location Ideas
2020 Show & Sell How To Secure a Location
2020 Show & Sell Word Documents
2020 Show & Sell Display and Selling Techniques
2020 Show & Sell Suggested Order Quantities Excel Spreadsheet
2020 Scout Store Front Allocation Excel Spreadsheet
2020 COI Guidelines Instructions for requesting a Certificate of Liability Insurance (sometimes requested by a Show & Sell location).

Popcorn Returns

Procedure and Schedule: Unused popcorn from Show and Sell WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR RETURN. USE CAUTION WHEN ORDERING.