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Your gift to the Cimarron Council can be as unique as you are. Whether you loyally support the council with a $100 annual gift or leave $100,000 in your estate plans, your options to impact scores of future Scouts are endless. The Cimarron Council offers opportunities to accommodate the giving interests and needs of Scouting alumni, friends, corporations and other BSA supporters.

These pages provide the initial information you need to plan your gift. Potential donors can find information about Friends of Scouting, the West Fellowship, estate gifts, corporate matching, the Founders Circle and many other giving options. When you're ready, a Cimarron Council representative will be happy to assist you in any way possible.  For more giving opportunities please contact the Cimarron Council.

  • Friends of Scouting
  • 1910 Society
  • Founders Circle
  • Vehicle Donation Program

Why should you invest in The Boy Scouts of America?

In general, people invest in companies because they believe in a product or service. Investors want to know that their investment will pay dividends and the merit of membership of the Boy Scouts of America has been proven for almost 100 years. Scouting has afforded numerous young men with a positive social and educational environment based upon the high ideals of the Boy Scouts of America. Your investment in Scouting will ensure that future generations will also have the opportunities and benefits that have contributed greatly to society.

Today, Scouting continues to provide a proven learning environment that prepares our members for the challenges that they face now, and those that they will overcome in the future.

Who pays for Scouting?

Have you wondered who pays for Scouting? The Cimarron Council's largest source of income is through gifts from the families and communities we serve. Your gift will benefit the youth, families, and leaders of the Cimarron Council by providing a full time professional staff to provide assistance to unit leaders with unit relations, administrative and operational problems. The staff also provides guidance to all committees, commissioners, conferences, training courses, and activities in the development of programs that directly benefit youth, families, and leaders. In addition to the professional staff, the council employs a support staff to assist with operations in the Scout Shop and Council Service Center.

The Cimarron Council operates three camping facilities, Sundance Scout Camp near Bison, Will Rogers Scout Reservation near Cleveland, and Williams Scout Reservation near Cleo Springs. The camps are used by Scouting units and various other groups throughout the year. 

To find out more about giving to the Cimarron Council, contact your District Executive or call the Council office. You can also make an on-line contribution safely with our secure connection with your credit card via the internet. You may also contact the Cimarron Council Service Center at (580) 234-3652.

Friends of Scouting

The Cimarron Council, Boy Scouts of America serves nearly 6500 youth through the assistance and mentorship of thousands of adult volunteer leaders. This represents more than one in every five local young people, decidedly one of the largest youth-serving programs offered in our community.

Many youth join Scouts to experience outdoor adventure and exciting activities. Through annual camping programs, youth are given the opportunity to develop character, fitness and leadership skills. Each year numerous scouts receive campership to attend camp, while hundreds of at risk youth participate in programs in schools and neighborhoods throughout Alfalfa, Blaine, Canadian, Creek, Dewey, Ellis, Garfield, Grant, Harper, Kay, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Major, Noble, Osage, Pawnee, Payne, Woods and Woodward Counties.

Few things in life are as special as making a difference in the life of a young person, unless it's seeing the difference that same young person can make in the community and lives of others. That's Scouting, and that's why we ask you to support our youth program. Your gift, whether large or small, positively impacts young people.

Why Should You Support the F.O.S. Campaign?

Whether you have supported the F.O.S. campaign in the past or are supporting the B.S.A. for the first time, thank you. Supporters of the Boy Scouts of America come from every corner of the Council, yet they all have one thing in common. When you pledge to the Friends of Scouting Campaign you are joining thousands of other individuals who are making a statement that Scouting matters! You believe in the programs offered to youth and you believe that these programs will help instill the confidence to be tomorrows leaders. To support this important part of the development of our youth, download the Cimarron Council Family Campaign Brochure and Pledge Card and mail it today.

Why Should Your Unit Support the F.O.S. Campaign?

In order to continue to provide the best Scouting program, the best activities, the best camp, the best training for leaders and the best service to our units, and all of the other things that bring a quality Scouting experience to our children, we need everyone's support! When your unit participates in the F.O.S. campaign, you will be helping to ensure a bright future for your unit and the entire Cimarron Council.

How Can You Help?

This is the time when the families of the Scouts are given the opportunity to support the council as a part of the annual F.O.S. effort. Each unit in the Cimarron Council can and should participate in the F.O.S. campaign; it's as easy as 1-2-3. Here's how to do it!

  1. Pick a date in January, February, March or April for a Friends of Scouting volunteer to come and give a short (10-12 minute) presentation. The best times are Blue and Gold banquets and Courts of Honor. Let us know your date by contacting your Youth Serving Executive.
  2. Pick a parent or other volunteer to serve as your unit's F.O.S. chair. This person will coordinate the campaign in your unit and ensure that every family has the opportunity to support Scouting.
  3. Let the parents know the date of the presentation, put it on the front end of the agenda and promote their support and participation.

How Does Your Unit Benefit from Friends of Scouting?

Listed here are but a few of the things that F.O.S. does to make your program better:

  • Conduct training programs for volunteers;
  • Provides liability insurance for you as a Scout volunteer;
  • Conduct activities for your unit to participate in such as council camporees, Cub Scout camps and much more;
  • Provides a professional staff to assist and give guidance to your unit;
  • Offers every interested young person regardless of financial condition, developmental disability or location the opportunity to belong to Scouting;
  • Provides financial assistance to individuals in the form of camperships;
  • Produces monthly council newsletters and special informational mailings for units.

But What About My Registration Fees?

The registration fee that is paid by each youth and adult is a national fee. It is sent, in its entirety, to the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. The same is true of unit charter fees. The cost of providing a successful Scouting program far exceeds the registration fees and that is where Friends of Scouting comes in.

Matching Gift Companies

Don't forget that many companies match their employee's donation. Check with your human resources department for the appropriate paperwork.

1910 Society

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has grown into something larger and more significant than anyone anticipated. We honor that special date by presenting the 1910 Society award to donors whom make gifts of $25,000 or more to the Endowment of Cimarron Council. These gifts can be in the form of cash, securities, land, five-year pledges, or other property suitable for a council endowment fund or easily converted to cash.

Recognition in the 1910 Society honors four very special individuals who shaped modern-day Scouting:

Ernest Thompson Seton, nationally known artist and naturalist, author of the first official American Scout handbook and many other books important to Scouting.

  • Seton Level: $25,000 minimum gift

Daniel Carter Beard, first chairman of the National Court of Honor, national Scout commissioner, and author of many well-known books and stories for youth.

  • Beard Level: $100,000 minimum gift

Theodore Roosevelt, first Chief Scout Citizen, first Vice President of the BSA, and US President.

  • Roosevelt Level: $500,000 minimum gift

Waite Phillips, one of the BSA's first benefactors, and donor to the BSA of almost 13,000 acres of land in New Mexico which became Philmont Scout Ranch.  Major Philanthropic donor to many causes in Northern Oklahoma.

  • Phillips Level: $1,000,000 minimum gift
  • Phillips Silver Level: $5,000,000 minimum gift
  • Phillips Golf Level: $10,000,000 minimum gift


The Founders Circle

The Founders Circle is intended to recognize deferred gifts designed for council endowment funds. With deferred giving (also called planned giving) so widely and effective used by so many donors, the BSA wants to recognize the importance of such major gifts. Donors are recognized for gift commitments of $100,000 or more. Unlike the other endowment recognition awards, a donor may qualify for membership with gifts made through:

  • Charitable bequests in a will or codicil
  • Charitable trust, such as unitrusts, annuity trust, and lead trusts
  • BSA Gift Annuities or BSA Pooled Income Fund gifts
  • Life insurance/retirement plan designations
  • Other deferred gifts approved by the local council

There are four levels of membership within the Founders Circle:

  • Bronze $100,000 minimum gift
  • Silver $250,000 minimum gift
  • Gold $500,000 minimum gift
  • Platinum $1,000,000 minimum gift

The early founders of the BSA had the vision and commitment to make Scouting the number one youth organization in the world. In that spirit, we honor the modern-day visionaries who qualify for the Founders Circle in their commitment to perpetuate the visions and beliefs of those founders.

Vehicle Donation

The BSA vehicle donation program is supported by a national agreement with Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. and One Car One Difference.

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