Calculate Your Potential

2020 Fund Your Adventure Worksheet: Excel file to calculate expenses of monthly Scouting program and how selling popcorn can pay for all your expenses.

2020 Sales Goal Worksheet: Excel file to calculate Scout sales goal based on your budget.

2020 Commission Potential Spreadsheet: Excel file to calculate your sales potential.

Make Your Sale Easier

2020 PayAnywhere CC Reader: Use This PayAnywhere credit card reader attaches to a smart phone or tablet. Counters the response 'I have no money'.

2020 Family Fact Sheet: PDF (PDF) Give to families so they have all the information on one sheet.

2020 UnitMasterRecord Take Order Sales: Excel file which matches the Take Order sheet. Has one line for each scouts totals. Use as a den/patrol total sheet or for the whole pack/troop/crew/post.

2020 Guidelines Instructions for requesting a Certificate of Liability Insurance: (sometimes requested by a Show and Sell location).