Youth Training

NAYLE – Youth Leaders are invited to attend National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience at The Summit and Philmont, 2022.

   NAYLE builds upon skills learned during NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training), with engaging activities that equip young women and men to navigate team dynamics to plan for success using tenets of servant leadership.

   Register for NAYLE at The Summit (2 courses available): Summit NAYLE
Register for NAYLE at Philmont (6 courses available): Philmont NAYLE

NYLT Leadership Academy is an instructor course for those who have attended NYLT. With so many NYLT courses cancelled or with their attendance curtailed in 2020, the academy will be open to anyone who has attended NYLT and will make accommodations to accept those youth essential to relaunching a council’s NYLT program.

   The focus is to hone leadership, communication, and teaching skills in an enthusiastically supportive environment through practice and evaluation. The expended confidence and skills will be important throughout life, and more immediately as NYLT staff.

ILST AND ILSC (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and or Crews) has been made available in a hybrid online and virtual instructor led format to support Troops and Crews during COVID-19. The material in the syllabi is very similar to the material in the face-to-face syllabi, but a number of activities had to be removed to allow online delivery. Each course now consists of two modules in the online Learning Management System as well as a live Troop/Crew led virtual class, using an online format such as Zoom.

   The purpose of the ILST or ILSC course is to teach Scouts or Crew members, with leadership positions, about their new roles and how to more effectively reach success in that role. It is intended to help them understand their responsibilities and to equip them with organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities. ILST or ILSC is the first course in a series of leadership training, offered to Scouts and Crew members. Completion of ILST or ILSC is a prerequisite for youth to participate in the more advanced leadership courses – NYLT and NAYLE. It is also required to participate in a Kodiak Challenge Trek.

   Covering the same Learning Objectives as the face-to-face course, these courses combine online and virtual components providing Scouts/Venturers an opportunity for completion in a a socially distanced setting. Completion of this three-module course meets all required ILST and ILSC training requirements.


  To take the Modules 1 and 2 online, you will need a My.Scouting account. Only Scouts 13 and older can create a My.Scouting account, younger Scouts will require using a parental account. To create an account, go to and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button and follow the instructions. Once you have created your account, enter your username and password and click on the LOGIN button. The My.Scouting application will open and you can click on the BSA LEARN CENTER graphic to open the Learn Center.

   When the Learn Center opens you can select the Introduction Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) from Programs as applicable to you. In the Programs are 2 Learning Plans – Introduction and Tools of Leadership – you will need to complete both.

   When selecting a Learning Plan, it will open with a description and course listing – click the ENROLL BUTTON to record your completion progress. For courses within the Learning Plan simply click the Start button and take the course until you complete it. Both the Learning Plans and Course will show your percentage of completion. YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL COURSES IN A LEARNING PLAN TO COMPLETE THE LEARNING PLAN.

  Certificates for completion for courses can be obtained in by clicking the MENU button, selecting My Training and then selecting the Completions tab. To obtain a course certificate, highlight a course and click on the icon to the far right – it will generate and download a certificate automatically to your default download folder.